Silver Jubilee Celebration of National Youth Day

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YDC Launch - A Brief.

Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam is conducting National Youth Day Contests since 2003, to mark the Birthday of Swami Vivekananda on 12th January.

Over 3.5 lakh youth took part in these contests and wrote essays on the bold message of Swamiji. The themes for these contests were aimed at instilling self-confidence and creativity among the youth.

The catchy themes were:

The 7 th YDC contest in 2009 was a State level drawing contest in which over 21,000 from Tamilnadu and even from Srilanka drew Swami Vivekananda's divine form and sketched his thoughts.

Selected portraits from the drawing Contest were displayed at the pictorial Exhibition the first ever one of its kind in the country held in four main cities of Tamilnadu and viewed by over 50,000 people.

YDC Forms Release - 8.7.09

The launching of this All India contest was held at Vivekananda College, Chennai on 8th of July 2009. SWAMI GAUTAMANANDA MAHARAJ, President, Ramakrishna Math Chennai presided over the function.
  • YDC forms in Tamil, English, Hindi and Bengali were released by the President and received by the Guests and SWAMI ATMAGHANANANDA, Secretary Vivekananda College.
  • Sri N.GOPALASWAMY, former Chief Election Commissioner, Sri N.SUNDARADEVAN, Commissioner for Revenue Administration, Govt.of Tamilnadu, and Sri URC. DEVARAJAN, Secretary, Erode Builders Educational Trust addressed the gathering. Sri SRIRAM proposed vote of thanks.

Salient features of YDC 2010:
  • The theme of 8th National Youth Day Contest of 2010 'DRAW SWAMIJI; DRAW ENERGY'. Our youth will draw similar energy by drawing his divine forms and messages.
  • This contest of the year 2010 is set to reach 33,000 educational institutions spread over 28 states and Union territories of India.
  • Swamiji's energizing ideas will be imprinted in the minds of over ONE LAKH participants cutting across all barriers.
  • Swamiji‘s clarion call to the youth to lead the world by the spiritual excellence of their motherland had instilled pride and self-confidence of our youth then as it does even now.
  • This is the sole aim of these Youth Day Contests conducted by Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam.

YDC 09 Prize Distribution and India's 1st ever Swami Vivekananda Painting Exhibition 2009.

As we already said that 2009 YDC came out in the form of a drawing competition for the students, Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam conducted a grand and India's first ever Swami Vivekananda Painting Exhibition From Jan 12 to 26 at Chennai Vivekanandar Illam in this regard which witnessed around 13000 visitors. With the response from chennai people from other parts of the state also wished for a exhibition in their cities which was fulfilled. The 15 main prize winning pictures and few more paintings were selected for the display.

A brief Introduction about National Youth Day Competitions.

Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam National Youth Day Competitions in brief.

The objective of this competition is to help students and youth to look into themselves and realize their contribution to family, immediate society and the nation and encourage them to make a meaningful contribution to them.

The central themes of the competitions were based on Swami Vivekananda’s ideas of man-making and nation-building. The topics given to the youth for reflection have focused them on building the ability to think constructively, handle crises with maturity, cultivate exemplary habits and above all behave responsibly at home, at place of study so as to instill in them a love of mankind, transcending caste, creed, race and religion.

“Be Proud and Do Proud’’ the theme for 2007, brought in over 72,000 students, to the contest and focused on allround growth of character and time-tested Indian values which helped them to develop leadership qualities.

“Be and Make’’ held in January 2006, carried the message that youth must not only achieve personal success but also pave way for the success of future generations.

These competitions have enjoyed an overwhelming response from students and youth through the years. The numbers of participants have been steadily growing as indicated below.
2003 -- 10,000 students
2004 -- 12,000 students
2005 -- 48,000 students
2006 -- 68,000 students
2007 -- 72,000 students
2008 -- 1,20,800 students
-- 20,300 students (Drawing competition)

In the year 2007, 1100 schools and colleges participated in the competition. We are particularly happy as this includes a high percentage of rural schools, some even from very remote villages.

For the year 2008, the competition has focused on helping youth to set responsible goals for themselves and for our country and urge them to recognize, avoid, overcome, pitfalls that may otherwise undermine their success.

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Youth Day Competitions-A Small Introduction.

Jai Ma.
We are all well aware that 12th January which marks the Birthday of Swami Vivekananda is celebrated as National Youth Day through out the world every year. Swami Vivekananda's contribution in awakening the Youth is enormous. He has shaped, shaping a millions of youth through his powerful words or sayings. In relation to Swamiji's birthday, Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam (a monthly magazine coming out from Sri Ramakrishna Math Chennai with over a Lakh subscribers all over the world) started conducting Youth Day Competitions(YDC) in shaping the Young India of today in a way which Swami Vivekananda wished. YDC which began its journey in the year 2003 has successfully completed its 7th year by 2009 with a overwhelming participation from the students every year.

Though till 2008 YDC witnessed writing competitions under different topics, in 2009 it went a further step ahead to make everyone feel the presence of Swami Vivekananda in various powerful gestures through an art form by conducting a drawing competition for the students in Tamilnadu State Level which surprsingly witnessed 20,300 entries including a handful no of entries from various parts of India and foreign countries(as Sri Ramakrishna Vijayam has subscribers all over the world, entries from various places fell on though it was announced a state level competition).

Volunteer Dispatches

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Free! We who cannot, for a moment, govern our own minds, nay, cannot hold our minds on a subject, focus it on a point to the exclusion of everything else for a moment!

Yet we call ourselves free. Think of it!... The mind uncontrolled and unguided will drag us down, down, for ever-rend us, kill us; and the mind controlled and guided will save us, free us.

- Swami Vivekananda